Do I Need Surgery for Sinusitis?

Do I Need Surgery for Sinusitis?

When your primary care physician diagnoses you with sinusitis, you can count on having a treatment plan prescribed to you, however, it's important to recognize when your symptoms persist beyond three months. It's time to head to Everyone's ENT & Sinus Center and visit with Dr. Christine Gilliam, who specializes in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat issues (i.e. an otolaryngologist). When you visit our practice in San Antonio, TX, you can expect that Dr. Gilliam will provide exceptional care concerning your sinusitis and will determine if sinus surgery will be necessary.

Types Of Sinusitis

As you probably know by now, sinusitis is caused by a viral infection, experiencing a common cold, or allergies—resulting in the blockage of your nasal passages. However, there are two types of sinusitis: short-term and chronic.

Chronic sinusitis often shows itself in the following ways:

  • Having over three sinus infections in a single year and you were prescribed antibiotics to treat it
  • Or, you are experiencing a sinus infection for over 12 weeks and antibiotics are not proving to be effective

Considering Sinusitis Surgery

If your ENT doctor in San Antonio, TX, determines that you have chronic sinusitis as a result of infections that frequently return or are long-lasting, sinus surgery may be recommended for you.

In general, sinus surgery entails expanding the space between your sinuses and the inside of your nose to improve your breathing and to enable drainage of the infection. Depending on the condition of your sinusitis, there may be required removal of infected tissue, bone, or noncancerous growths.

Types Of Sinus Surgeries

Though sinus surgery is an invasive procedure, recent advancements in the field have proved to incur less post-operational bleeding and even a shorter recovery time.

The most common sinus surgeries include:

  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is by far the most common procedure. By using a nasal endoscope (a very compact telescope), your ENT doctor is able to see the inside of your nose and your sinuses. This device allows your ENT doctor to effectively remove infected tissue, clear your sinuses, and create more space for the sinus openings to encourage drainage.
  • Image-guided surgery utilizes CT scans to identify the problem area. Using the imaging system offers precision and provides additional safety during the procedure.
  • Caldwell Luc operation is another surgical option that aims to drain the maxillary sinus which is located beneath your eyes. This sinus connects to your jaw, and the procedure effectively opens space to connect to your nose to promote better drainage. The Caldwell Luc operation is typically performed when cancerous cells are present or concerning.

Learn More About Your Sinus Surgery Options

If you've noticed your symptoms from having sinusitis are not improving, or you've had more than three sinus infections, Dr. Gilliam at Everyone's ENT & Sinus Center, encourages you to schedule a visit. To answer any questions you have about sinus surgery, book an appointment with us in San Antonio, TX, by calling (210) 647-3838, today!