Ear Nose And Throat

Specialized ENT Doctor For Adults & Children In San Antonio 

Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center offers children and adults in the San Antonio area with comprehensive ear, nose and throat problem treatments. Otolaryngologist, Dr. Christine Gilliam, specializes in upper reparatory problems and provides a wide range of procedures to provide relief to her patients suffering from ENT problems. Please read below to learn more about ear, nose and throat problems and how visiting an ENT doctor can help improve your quality of life. 

Ears ENT

One in every 10 Americans experiences some degree of hearing loss. 

The function of the ear can be negatively impacted by various conditions that range from minor problems like earwax build up, to more serious conditions like inherited deafness. Our ENT specialists are trained in the medical and surgical aspects of treating:

  • Hearing loss
  • Ear noise
  • Ear infections
  • Balance disorders
  • Facial and cranial nerve disorders

In addition, Dr. Gilliam is skilled in managing congenital disorders of the inner and outer ear, which are hearing loss disorders present at birth. 


Each year, nearly 35 million Americans develop chronic sinusitis. Dr. Gilliam has been highly trained in caring for the nasal cavity and sinuses. Some treatments to relieve sinusitis symptoms include the management of allergies, postnasal drip, deviated septum, and hay fever.


The throat is a vital part of our body as it involves speech and the ability to eat. ENT specialists are skilled in treating disease of the larynx (voice box) and swallowing disorders that affect esophagus. 

ENT The Head and Neck

The head and neck hold important nerves that control major senses, including sight, smell and hearing. Dr. Gilliam has had years of experience in performing both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, and treating conditions that range from infectious diseases and benign and malignant tumors, to facial deformities and facial trauma. 

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Whether you are suffering from chronic ear infections, sinusitis or severe head and neck problems the team at Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center is here for you. Contact us at our Stone Oak office to schedule your first visit with us, one of our team members will work with you to schedule and appointment that fits best with your schedule.