Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center has impacted the lives of many individuals by addressing common issues from allergies to snoring and sleep apnea. We offer effective treatments including The Pillar Procedure and sinus surgery in and around San Antonio, TX. Our compassionate staff takes the time to ensure each patient that comes through our doors is comfortable and well informed about their procedure. Take a look at what some of our patients have shared about their past experience!

"She cleared both ears of wax build up and also addressed my issues of nasal drainage to my eustachian tubes. Great visit, I can hear again!"

Thomas S.

"She listened to all of my concerns and helped with a plan of action. Very professional and caring!"

Gwen S.

"The staff was responsive, helpful, and professional before and after my appointment. So often the front desk of a doctor's office seems unhelpful or incapable. It reflects poorly on a practice when the front desk staff seems inconvenienced by patient questions or doesn't provide complete information but that is not the case at Everybody's ENT. The staff was pleasant and offered great tips on using some of the nasal rinse devices. Having confidence in the staff translates to confidence in the physicians."

Glenn R.

"It was great. The staff was cheerful and ready for me. They were always informative and helpfull. Dr. Gilliam made me feel comfortable and at ease. She is sharp, she doesn't leave you feeling as though you don't know what happened. "

Scharonda S.

"Dr. Gilliam was fantastic! Knowledgable, courteous and just great bedside manner. Great office staff as well."

Cassian F.

"My surgery with Dr. Gilliam was a refreshing success! I had suffered with allergies, sinus infections, and obstructed breathing for so long, that I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to "Breathe Freely." The surgery was just as explained to me and the healing time quick, with only a few days of manageable pain. I recommend the surgery for all those who suffer with similar symptoms."


"Dr. Gilliam,

I'd like to pass on a couple of comments and observations since becoming a patient. If someone gets it right, I am quick to praise. If someone gets it wrong, I am really quick to lower the hammer. You and your staff seem to understand how to do things right.

I took great care and due diligence in deciding upon your services. Because I work in insurance and handle occupational injury and professional liability claims, I see the good, bad and ugly in medicine every day. Therefore, I was going to make sure I found an excellent doctor for my long term Allergy and ENT needs.

In deciding upon a doctor, I narrowed my scope to ENT's in stone oak since I live and work in that area. From there I checked credentials, verified board certification, read articles, checked the TMB website and made inquiries through my sources affiliated with medical schools. It was worth the time and effort to narrow my choices and to ultimately select you.

I always carry reading material with me for long waits at airports and doctor offices but never seem to be able to finish an article at your office because you all are usually on schedule. You have a pleasant staff that is enjoyable to work with. I also appreciate that you do not appear rushed within your 10-15 minutes of patient time and that you thoroughly explain conditions and answer questions.

You have built a good practice; keep it rolling."



"From my first visit to most recent, December 18th, 2008 for outpatient surgery, everyone (no pun intended) from the office staff to Dr. Gilliam have been very friendly and very accommodating to my needs and with my appointment scheduling. - I was a little scared to have sinus surgery, but after consulting with Dr. Gilliam it was like, "Ok, when can we do it?" Thank you, Dr. Atkins, for referring me to Dr. Gilliam."


"After dealing an acute sinus infection that had been treated with a several rounds of antibiotics my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Gilliam for further treatment and evaluation. Seven months later I am still feeling great! The sinus infection was cleared up and hasn't returned. It has been really nice getting thru the holiday season without having to see anyone for the 'yearly' fall sinus infection. Thanks a million doc!!"


"Dr. Gilliam has been very patient-oriented which is not something someone can be taught. She has been very helpful to me and my family. Her caring surely comes through at each visit we have had at her office. The staff has also been helpful."

"I feel Dr. Gilliam provided caring service and explained in detail any procedures that my son went through. Connie was especially patient with me with any rescheduling I had to do."

"She's great! I went to another ear doctor for 6 months with him changing ear drops every visit. My ears kept getting worse. I asked my P.C. for a new doctor and he sent me to Dr. Gilliam. She cleaned out my ears and said no ear drops for 2 weeks! She said don't put any drops or anything into my ear, just clean the outside. I have wax build up that she does clean every 6 months. My ears are so much better."


"Dr. Gilliam did thyroid surgery on me this year with total success and a barely visible scar. Equally as important, she reassured me from my last OV and lowered my anxiety level. Now she treats me for sinus related problems. I live in Boerne and do not hesitate to drive 32 miles and 45 minutes to see Dr. Gilliam rather than go to someone same type of doctor in Boerne or San Antonio. Dr. Gilliam is the best ENT doctor and surgeon. I have ever seen in San Antonio, Boerne or other city! Her office is very professional with a minimum wait time. We need many more doctors like Dr. Gilliam. I strongly recommend her."


"I have been battling sinus infections going on 5 years now and have seen specialist after specialist to try and get my problem under control. Dr. Gilliam is the only physician I have found that has been able to reduce my symptoms and get me back on my feet. She is able to explain her reasoning in layman's terms and has a kind and caring spirit. Her staff is exceptional at their jobs and always friendly."


"Dr. Gilliam and her staff are very friendly, super quick and very helpful in times of need. 101% satisfied."