Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Don’t let your allergies dictate how you live your life.seasonal allergies

While some people may only deal with the occasional sniffle, runny nose or itchy eyes, there are others out there that battle severe seasonal allergies each and every day. These are the people who loathe having to step outside even just to get in their car because being bombarded by pollen and ragweed is enough to send them into a fit. If this sounds like you, our San Antonio, TX otolaryngologist Dr. Christine Gilliam is here to provide some ways to control your symptoms.

Filter Out the Gunk

Where you hang your hat every day shouldn’t be a big allergy trigger waiting to happen. Fortunately, there are ways to keep allergens down in your home. If you don’t have one already, you need to get a HEPA air filter, which can trap pollen. This is particularly important during the summer months when you have central AC running all the time.

Clean it Away

Another way to keep your home an allergy-free haven is to make sure your furniture and surfaces aren’t harboring allergies. The best way to do this is to vacuum all furniture and carpets at least once a week (if not more) and clean surfaces regularly. You’ll also want to wash all bedding in warm water once a week.

Protect Your Face

Even if your local weather channel has reported a low mold, pollen and ragweed count, if you are someone who battles allergies regularly then you may still find that your trip outdoors was a big mistake. If you love being outdoors, or it’s just your turn to just mow the lawn, make sure to wear a facemask that covers the nose and mouth. Furthermore, making sure you wear sunglasses whenever you are outside will reduce your exposure to pollen and other outdoor allergens.

Know When to See a Doctor

There are times when even these measures aren’t enough to tackle your allergy symptoms. While some people who suffer from minor allergies may be able to get way with taking an over-the-counter allergy medication, if OTC medications aren’t cutting it then it’s time to visit our San Antonio ENT doctor to find out what prescription medication (e.g. oral antihistamines) will help you get your allergies under control.

Do you want to breathe a bit easier or see the world through non tear-filled eyes? Here at Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center in San Antonio, TX we think everyone should. Call us today to schedule your allergy testing or to get the relief you need.