In office endoscopic septoplasty

In office endoscopic septoplasty

What does that mean? Well, endoscopic means being performed under the assistance of a scope that help magnify the area along with give an up close view in a potentially small space.  Septoplasty is a surgery that straightens the nasal septum (the divider in your nose separating the two nasal passages).

Now, wait-in the office? You got it. Dr Christine Gilliam, board certified otolaryngologist is the first in San Antonio and one of the first in the state to offer this surgery.

Is that the same as balloon sinuplasty? No sir.  Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure that can be done in the office with a balloon similar to one used to open vessels within the heart. The balloon is passed into the sinuses to open them up to help relieve sinus pressure, open the nature outflow track of the sinuses, and let mucus drain from the sinuses. This is done for chronic sinusitis and recurrent sinus infections. The balloon cannot be used to straighten the septum. The septum and the sinuses are both accessed through your nose but have different functions and are completely different structures.

Why do you need to straighten a septum? A deviated septum can cause air flow blockage. This can cause the obvious nasal obstruction, but can also cause turbulent airflow causing increased mucus, nasal irritation, and potentially snoring. The septum for some can even cause narrowing around the outflow tract of the sinuses.

Why in office? With the invention of balloon sinuplasty, otolaryngologists such as Christine Gilliam, MD have been able to decrease recovery time of sinus surgery with continued benefits. However, there are items the balloon cannot correct, such as a deviated septum.  Now, with new technology and the expertise of sinus surgeons such as Dr Gilliam, we can office in office septoplasty at the time of your balloon sinuplasty to treat all your issues at the same time.

Dr Christine Gilliam was one of the first in San Antonio to offer balloon sinuplasty in 2006, has been consistently performing a variety of complicated sinus and nasal surgeries for the last 15 years, and is now the first in San Antonio to offer in office septoplasty in 2016. Give us a call at Everyone’s ENT and Sinus Center to see what is best for you.