SNEEZING, ITCHY EYES, and RUNNY NOSE… these are all symptoms that are commonly associated with allergies.  The skin, nose, sinuses, eyes, throat and lungs are most often affected by an allergic reaction, however, they can occur anywhere on or in the body.  Allergies can affect anyone of any age.  While allergies most often start in childhood, adults can experience allergies for the first time later in life or have a recurrence of a pre-existing allergy.  

Many patients tell me their allergies were not that bad until moving to the hill country/central Texas.  Patients who are interested in learning more about options to treat allergies will come to our clinic seeking care.  After reviewing a complete medical history and discussion of your symptoms, a treatment plan will be discussed including possible allergy testing by either skin, blood, or a combination of both.  Our comprehensive approach to allergy testing will allow us to identify what you are allergic to, and how allergic you are to each allergen.   Once we have all the results, several options well be discussed.  Information obtained with testing is invaluable even if a patient is not interested in allergy therapy.

At Everyone's ENT & Sinus Center we have several treatment options available.  Treatment for allergies include avoiding contact with the allergen, medications to alleviate the allergy symptoms and/or immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy comes in two forms, allergy shots or allergy drops (SubLingual ImmunoTherapy -SLIT).  Both allergy shots and SLIT are given on a weekly basis for three to five years to help desensitize the immune system and therapy is designed specifically for each individual.  Desensitization (immunotherapy) is currently the only way of “teaching” the immune system to tolerate allergic triggers.

Our immune system responds to substances in our environment that we eat, drink or inhale. By giving small but increasing amounts of those allergens at regular intervals, tolerance increases. On re-exposure to the allergens, symptoms may be milder or not occur at all.

If you’d like to learn more about Allergy testing or Immunotherapy, please visit our website or contact us at 210-647-3838.