What Is Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT)?

What Is Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT)?

If you are a severe allergy sufferer who cringes at the idea of needles, consider this alternative needle-free allergy treatment.

While many people can manage their allergy symptoms with either over-the-counter medications or medications our San Antonio, TX allergiesENT doctor, Dr. Christine Gilliam, prescribes, there are some people who have such severe allergies that not even these medications can help. If needles leave you anxious then the idea of allergy shots may be out of the question; fortunately, we can still help treat your allergy symptoms with a simple treatment known as Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT).

What is SLIT?

Instead of needing regular injections, this allergy treatment is taken orally. Our San Antonio otolaryngologist will give you a small dose of the allergen to place under your tongue. These tablets are used to boost your body’s tolerance to this allergen and reduce your symptoms.

Before SLIT can be administered we need to make sure that your specific allergies will respond well to this treatment. Once we have determined that SLIT is right for you, the allergen is made into a tablet, which you will then place under your tongue for a couple minutes before swallowing.

How often do I need to get this allergy treatment?

When you come in for your first appointment we will also determine how often you will need treatment. Some patients will require daily treatments while others may only need to be treated a few times a week. SLIT is usually administered to an individual for several years (usually between 3-5 years) to help create a lifelong immunity to the specific allergen.

Is it Safe?

Studies have found that SLIT is a safe way to treat common allergies such as dander, pollen, dust mites, grass and ragweed. Other applications are still being studied to determine its efficacy for patients suffering from dermatitis or food allergies.

Any side effects that you experience from this allergy treatment will be mild, with symptoms ranging from an itchy mouth to an upset stomach. It’s rare for someone to experience a severe allergic reaction while getting SLIT.

Don’t let allergies get the better of you. Seek the relief you need by turning to Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center in San Antonio, TX.