What To Know About Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT)

What To Know About Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT)

How SLIT treatment from your ENT specialist in San Antonio, TX can help you get relief from allergies

Sublingual immunotherapy treatment, also known as SLIT, has become one of the most popular ways to treat annoying allergy symptoms. Dr. Christine Gilliam at Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center in San Antonio, TX offers a wide range of ear, nose, and throat services, including SLIT treatment for allergies.

Sublingual immunotherapy doesn’t use needles or injections. It’s simply a small amount of allergen which is placed under your tongue. You keep it in place for one to two minutes.

This process is completed daily and then reduced to three days per week, as you build up a tolerance to the allergen. Sublingual immunotherapy is recommended from three to five years to gain full immunity.

SLIT treatment is a great option for infants and young children because it is painless and easy. It’s also an excellent choice if you have:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Asthma or sinusitis
  • Multiple allergies to foods or animals
  • Mold, pollen, and dust allergies
  • Allergies to ragweed, grass, or tree pollens

The first step is allergy testing to find out what you are allergic to, then allergy treatments, including sublingual immunotherapy are discussed.

There are many reasons why sublingual immunotherapy is one of the most popular allergy treatments. Consider these important benefits:

  • SLIT has minimal side-effects, which can be alleviated by dose adjustment.
  • SLIT is convenient because you can do the treatment in the comfort of your home, under the guidance of your ENT specialist.
  • SLIT costs less than other allergy treatments.
  • SLIT requires fewer office visits, with only a few visits the first year, and visits every six to twelve months after that.
  • SLIT requires less medication to relieve your symptoms.

Allergies can be difficult to deal with. In the past, the only solution was allergy shots. Now, you have an easier option, sublingual immunotherapy, known as SLIT.

To find out more about this amazing allergy treatment, call Dr. Christine Gilliam of Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center in San Antonio, TX at (210) 647-3838. Call now!