When Does Your Child Need a Pediatric ENT?

When Does Your Child Need a Pediatric ENT?

In a nutshell, pediatric ears, nose, and throat or ENT doctors help relieve your child’s ear, nose, and throat-related issues. This means that if your child is having any issues with these body parts, you should visit a pediatric ENT doctor, like Dr. Christine Gilliam here at Everyone's ENT & Sinus Center in San Antonio, TX.

What Does a Pediatric ENT Do?

Pediatric ENTs are experts in the management of the following ENT-related issues:

  • Ear Problems: These include ear conditions or disorders, which include ear infections, hearing impairments, ear pain, tinnitus, as well as disorders affecting your child’s balance. Pediatric ENTs can likewise treat congenital ear disorders, which are disorders a child was born with.
  • Nose Problems: These include issues with the sinuses, nasal cavity, and nose, most particularly, different types of allergies. All these could negatively impact your child’s breathing, smell, and taste.
  • Throat Problems: These are conditions and disorders that impact the function of the throat and, in turn, impact speech, eating, digestion, and swallowing.
  • ENT-Related Issues of the Neck and Head: Some pediatric ENTs also manage and treat deformities, diseases, trauma, and tumors of the face, neck, and head. These include issues with neck and head nerves responsible for controlling facial movements, sight, hearing, and smell.

Top Tips When Visiting Your Pediatric ENT

Expect your child’s first appointment to your pediatric ENT doctor in San Antonio, TX, to take some time. Aside from common delays, your pediatric ENT doctor will need to bond and develop a rapport with your child instead of just starting the appointment with prodding and poking. Likewise, a lot of children don’t warm up quickly to adults, especially doctors.

Make sure to tell your child, in very simple words, why he or she is visiting the pediatric ENT doctor. Describe what your child should expect. For example, tell your child that the doctor will have to use special devices to see inside his or her ears, throat, and nose to make certain that they’re all working properly. If your child is feeling pain, tell them that the doctor will help make the pain go away.

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