Allergy Testing: What Does The Process Involve?

Allergy Testing: What Does The Process Involve?

Get the facts on what to expect at your upcoming allergy test.

If you find yourself battling allergy symptoms regularly, or they are so severe that you’re in constant discomfort, then you may be wondering if you should turn to our San Antonio, TX, board-certified otolaryngologist Dr. Christine Gilliam for allergy testing. Here’s what to expect when you turn to Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center for allergy testing,

The Types of Allergy Testing

When it comes to allergy testing the main type of test is a skin prick test, which looks for immediate reactions to specific allergens. These very tiny needles barely prick the skin, so it is considered painless. The test is performed on your forearm and usually takes no more than 30 minutes to one hour. After the skin has been pierced we will wait 15 minutes to see if there is a reaction. We perform allergy testing right here in our San Antonio, TX, office.

If there isn’t a reaction but our team still believes that you might have allergies, we may recommend a skin injection test, which involves injecting a small dose of the allergen directly under the skin to see if this causes a reaction. This is performed the exact same way as a skin prick test.

When to Get a Blood Allergy Test

While a skin prick test tends to be the gold standard it isn’t the only way to detect allergies. If you are someone who deals with anaphylaxis or severe allergy symptoms, then our San Antonio, TX, otolaryngologist may recommend blood testing over a skin prick test. If you have a skin condition such as eczema, a blood test may also be preferred over a skin prick test, which could aggravate symptoms.   

Talk to Your Doctor About the Medications You’re Taking 

Did you know that certain medications could actually inhibit an allergic reaction and therefore cause a false negative on your allergy test? This is the last thing we want to have happen, as this delays your ability to get the proper diagnosis and allergy treatment you need.

During your consultation, it’s important that you list all prescription and over-the-counter medications you’re taking, including antidepressants, heartburn medication and even antihistamines. Let us know all the medications you’re currently taking so we can instruct you as to when you should stop taking these medications before your allergy testing.

Get Results Right Away 

It’s easy to spot an allergic reaction on your skin prick test, which also means that you’ll receive results immediately when getting allergy testing at our San Antonio, TX, office. If you have to get a blood allergy test, expect it to take up to two weeks to get results.

Everyone’s ENT & Sinus Center is the leading ear, nose and throat team in San Antonio, TX. If you’re interested in getting allergy testing to find out what’s causing your symptoms, call our office at (210) 647-3838 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gilliam.