Why Pediatric ENT Care Is Unique

Why Pediatric ENT Care Is Unique

It's not uncommon for children to develop ENT problems, just like adults, and there are a number of these issues that are very common among children. So it's imperative that they have access to a professional who specializes in issues related to ear, nose, and throat, and has as well a focus on treating young patients. Learn more by reaching out to your local San Antonio, TX, pediatric ENT, Dr. Christine Gilliam of the Everyone's ENT & Sinus Center.

Sinus Infections

Because of their exposure to so many of their peers at school, children, children will often get colds, which can cause issues that affect their ears, nose, and throat. Sinus infections are also a possible effect, and if these infections are common then it's imperative that they see an ENT for help.

Ear Infections

Just as with sinus infections, ear infections are also very common in younger children and can become quite painful. Your child's pediatric ENT can prescribe antibiotics and may suggest ear tubes for recurring ear infections.


If your child snores or experiences noisy breathing while they sleep, you should consider an examination with their ENT. These symptoms are not normal for children, or for adults, and their ENT doctor can check for enlarged tonsils, adenoids, and sleep apnea. These conditions can affect your child's quality of life, both when they're asleep and during their waking day. Chronic sinusitis or a deviated septum can also be to blame for these symptoms.

Nose Bleeds

Although the first thing to note is your child's environment if they are experiencing frequent nosebleeds, these are common when the air is dry, such as indoors with the air conditioner or during winter time. But your child's ENT can rule out other issues and suggest treatments to prevent these from continuing to occur.

Pediatric ENT Care in San Antonio, TX

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